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Record Rack Products 

Record Rack Golden Deer Nuggets 


  • More protein for growth and antler development

  • Wild berry scent and flavoring for enhanced consumption and appeal

  • Higher vitamin levels for enhanced immune system

Protein: 13.0 %

Fat: 12.0%

Record Rack Deer Breeder 


  • Optimum Performance Formulas

  • By-Pass Amino Acid Balancing

  • Organic Trace Mineral Complexes 

Offered in:

  • 16.0% Pellet

  • 18.0% Textured

  • 20.0% Pellet 

Record Rack Deer Mineral 


  • Complete vitamin and mineral supplement support

  • Adequate salt content stimulates consumption and eliminates the need for other sources of salt

Record Rack Deer Block 


  • 14% protein

  • Easy-to-feed 30.3 lb. block

  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals

  • Irresistible wild berry flavor

    Record Rack Proud!

                                                  (products bought from The Feed Store)

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